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McDVOICE – The name of this company is McDVOICE & survey company provides a reward of a Validation Code card to its customer when they complete their survey.

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This survey’s objective is to ascertain whether or not the quality and standards offered to meet or go above what is expected by customers.

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Customers who are willing to take the time to answer all of the questions on the McDVOICE survey will have the opportunity to get a discount voucher in return for their candid responses. Customers can use this coupon whenever they like during their subsequent visit to McDonald’s

How to Take McDonald’s survey

  • Visit the McDVOICE Survey homepage now to get started.
  • When you first access the website, you’ll be given the option to switch to a more comfortable language.
  • The “survey code,” which may be found at the bottom of your McDonald’s receipt, will be required after making your language option and proceeding.
  • Even if you lost the receipt with the survey code on it, you might still take part in the survey. Enter the store number, the date, and the time of your visit. Before pressing the “Start”
  • button, please verify that the details you entered are correct.


  • Go to the survey’s website, where you’ll find a condensed set of questions.
  • You’ll be asked how you felt the employees handled themselves professionally and how well they cared for you. Please try to answer everyone’s queries fairly and impartially.
  • When you are completed answering the questions, please hit the “Submit Button.”
  • If everything goes as planned, you’ll get a validation code shortly after the operation is finished.
  • Please keep track of the expiration date by writing it down on your receipt. Don’t forget to bring this coupon with you on your next visit to make any purchase.

Give Feedback

Give Feedback

Benefits and Rewards

  • Buy one get one free on Egg McMuffins is the deal being offered.
  • Grilled cheese on a hamburger quarter

Terms and Conditions or Rules

  • The McDVOICE Survey is not intended for, nor is participation from, anybody under 18.
  • You’ll need your most recent McDonald’s receipt handy to take the McDVOICE Survey.
  • Participating in the McDVOICE Survey requires a recent McDonald’s purchase.
  • The McDVOICE Survey validation code is valid for 30 days from your McDonald’s visit date.
  • The participants in this survey are limited to selecting a single option.
  • The survey incentives are nontransferable and nonrefundable.
  • The survey validation code you were provided will expire in 30 days if you haven’t completed the survey.

Give Feedback McDVoice Site Is For?

  • Customer satisfaction criteria.
  • Coordination of staff.
  • Service.
  • Food Quality.
  • Cleanliness.
  • Ease of Placing Order.
  • Primary reasons for Visit.
  • Redemption Code.

About McDonald’s

In 1940, brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald established the McDonald’s brand of fast food restaurants in the state of California. The United States of America is home to the organization’s primary administrative and management offices.

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It has the highest annual profits of any restaurant chain, and its hamburgers, particularly the Big Mac, are famous and well-liked in every region of the globe. The company’s headquarters are now located in Chicago, but it operates in over 30,000 restaurants in over 100 countries worldwide.

Give Feedback

Give Feedback


The McDonald’s Support Team will be happy to hear from you and address any issues you may have regarding the McDVoice program. If you’d like to learn more about this exciting program, you can contact the McDonald’s restaurant nearest you and chat with a staff member. In addition, please share this excellent news with your loved ones.

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  • Question: In what ways might survey takers cash in their rewards?

Answer – As soon as they see the validation code, request a receipt, and be sure to record it on the receipt from the retailer. Don’t forget to take the receipt with them to McDonald’s the next time users go there. And then show it to the cashier in exchange for the promised reductions or refunds on their final charge.

  • Question: For what purpose is McDonald’s doing the McDVOICE survey?

Answer – The goal of the McDVOICE survey was to increase customer happiness at McD’s restaurants. McDonald’s only purpose is to assess its current offers and, if necessary, make modifications or improvements. McDonald’s can make the most of its aspiration to provide top-notch customer service by using McDVOICE.

  • Question: How long do users think it will take people to complete this poll?

Answer – Each client should be able to complete this survey on their level of satisfaction in less than ten minutes.